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While there are many acid reflux treatment options, prevention is always the best strategy. When looking for acid reflux remedies, it is important to be aware that there are many foods to avoid with acid reflux that will either not lead to this disease or will not aggravate any acid reflux symptoms that you may have. This article discusses various foods to avoid.

Changing what you eat can make all the difference in your general health especially if you deal with this disease periodically. This condition also known as heartburn results from the stomach acids and food that have been broken down in the stomach being kicked back into the esophagus which is the long tube from the throat to the stomach.

With normal digestion, the food is supposed to be transmitted from the stomach to the small intestines to be digested further and not sent back to the esophagus as evidenced by this disease. Some of the food that we eat may lead to abnormal return of the acidic contents of the stomach into the esophagus. These acidic contents that are sent back to the esophagus then lead to inflammation or heartburn.

While antacids and even surgery are a few of the acid reflux cures, this condition will return again and again unless you make changes to your diet. Following an acid reflux diet is the only long term cure by avoiding the foods that cause acid reflux.

Food To Avoid

The first step on an acid reflux diet is to avoid foods that are highly acidic or can aggravate digestion such as the following;

a. Fried and fatty foods.

b. Oranges and lemons as well as other citrus foods that are acidic in nature.

c. Alcohol aggravates acid reflux symptoms.

d. Spicy food.

e. Caffeine found in tea, coffee as well as sodas.

f. Tomatoes are acidic as well as other vegetables such as cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

g. Chocolate contains acidic properties.

h. Milk is also another food item that may aggravate symptoms of this disease.

The above is not an exhaustive list of foods to avoid with acid reflux and while it may be difficult to totally eliminate the above foods from your diet, moderation is key if you cannot eliminate these foods from your diet. You can also make changes to the way that you prepare various foods. For instance, instead of frying foods, consider grilling, broiling, steaming, etc, which will be healthier alternatives than frying food.

You need to be very mindful of the foods that you eat and practice good eating habits such as ensuring that you do not overeat. Instead of eating one heavy meal which may increase your risk of getting this condition, eat several small meals during the day. Chew your food slowly. Do not eat in a rush. Do not immediately lie down after a meal. This will only increase your risk of developing this condition. Maintain an upright position after every meal for up to an hour after a meal.

As always, checking with your dietitian or doctor before making changes to your diet is advisable because everyone is different and diet plans should always be tailored to each individual. Maintaining a healthy diet is the first step in finding an acid reflux cure as well as making an effort to find foods to eat with acid reflux that will help treat or reduce the acid reflux symptoms.

If you are asking yourself “What foods help reduce acid reflux?” making small changes starting today can help. You can start incorporating into your diet today more complex carbohydrates and avoiding all the “white” foods such as white bread, white rice, white pasta, etc, and consume more whole grains. Small changes will lead to big results if you are consistent.

There are many acid reflux foods to avoid and making a commitment to become healthier is the first step for long term treatment and cure. If you are frustrated with conventional medical treatment that do not seem to be able to cure this condition for good, visit for an important resource to help you treat this disease.

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