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People who suffer from asthma have airways that are extra sensitive or hyper-responsive to airborne irritants. Those who suffer from it exhibit the characteristic symptoms; difficulty breathing, coughing, accumulation of mucus, and in severe attacks cyanosis, a bluing of the skin due to lack of oxygen.  As the airways become irritated during an attack they constrict and narrow, restricting airflow into and out of the lungs.

Research studies done by the medical community into the effects of acid reflux disease on those with asthma have indicated that it can be a contributor to increased symptoms and attacks. The reason for this is apparent when you consider what acid reflux is and how it affects the throat and esophagus.

This condition is also known as GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and is characterized by the regurgitation of stomach acids, digestive juices, and food stuffs back up into the lower esophagus and throat. This is highly irritating to the esophagus and throat which are also part of the respiratory system. Any irritation of these sensitive tissues can also create an environment which is more conducive to asthma attacks.

Medical researchers have done studies in which they injected gastric acid into asthmatics esophagi. The result of these tests was an increased occurrence of asthma symptoms. These are the same kinds of acids that get regurgitated into the esophagus of acid reflux sufferers.

Unfortunately those with asthma also seem to suffer the effects of acid reflux more then non-asthmatics. It is believed this occurs because of pressure changes in the chest that are common with people who have asthma. This affects the esophageal sphincter, which is the valve that protects the lower esophagus from stomach contents refluxing back upwards. These pressure changes cause the sphincter to malfunction, allowing stomach contents back up into the throat.

It’s a kind of double whammy for those with asthma in that they seem to suffer from GERD more then non-asthmatics and both conditions seem to make each other worse. It should also be noted that treating the reflux, while a good idea, will generally have a positive affect on the number and severity of asthma attacks, it will not make the asthma itself go away.

In many cases the asthmatic may not even know they have reflux, but if they are having increased breathing problems and attacks it is a good idea to have their doctor check them for GERD. This can be done by diagnosing the many symptoms that reflux presents and also measuring the acidity in the stomach to see if they are pre-disposed for the condition.

Once GERD is diagnosed a combination of medication and dietary changes can control the reflux. Doing so will provide relief from asthma attacks triggered by acid reflux disease.

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Dr Easton Patrick

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