Acid reflux is also called reflux esophagitis and it is a disease of the digestive system that occurs due to an inadequate esophageal sphincter. This is a muscle located between the stomach and the esophagus. The muscle normally relaxes only to let food pass into the stomach and its role is to act as a valve that prevents the return of gastric juices and food into the esophagus. Under specific conditions, this muscle may perform poorly and this could cause the caustic liquids contained in the stomach to return back into the esophagus.

The severity of acid reflux depends on:

* The amount of gastric fluid that goes in the esophagus.
* The number of reflux episodes per day
* The regression of the condition

All these factors reflect the degree of relaxation of the esophagus. The relaxation of the sphincter is normal during pregnancy, however, it can also take place under other circumstances, such as taking contraceptive pills. Other factors that cause esophagitis are:

* Your diet
* Obesity
* Your lifestyle

What are the complications of this chronic disease?

Sometimes esophagitis can lead to serious complications such as bleeding or ulcers of the esophagus. Another complication is benign esophageal strictures that may cause difficulty in eating. What is more, some people with chronic esophagitis develop esophagus Barrett. The Barrett disease is a serious complication that can eventually lead to esophageal cancer.

Although acid reflux is a disease that prevents daily activities, it rarely threatens life. Following the proper diet can cure most of the patients.

What are the symptoms of the disease?

The most common symptom is heartburn which may expand to the base of the neck. This symptom may last several hours and usually begins one to two hours after a meal. Other symptoms are burping, pain at the base of the chest, feeling a burden in the abdomen and indigestion.

How to treat acid reflux:

A careful selection of foods and adopting good nutritional standards can contribute significantly to relieving the symptoms and ultimately curing the disease. Some food and drinks can have a detrimental effect on the condition and aggravate the symptoms of esophagitis. You will need to avoid: most meats (ham, bacon, sausage), mayonnaise, fatty cheese, fried butter, margarine or oil, fried foods in general, chocolate, coffee, spices, alcoholic drinks, acidic fruit juices (orange, lemon), carbonated drinks, soda, pancakes, whipped cream, unripe or dry fruits, cucumbers, mushrooms, radishes, cabbage, chestnuts, garlic, lemon juice, spicy sauce, ketchup, mustard, pepper, paprika etc.

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Acid reflux or esophagitis is characterized by heartburn and pain when swallowing. Heartburn is the main symptom. 75% of patients with reflux exhibit this symptom, but not all people with heartburn actually suffer from acid reflux. Typically, heartburn occurs 2-3 times a week and usually gets worse after eating fatty meals before bedtime. Obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption can aggravate the disease. Other symptoms that may indicate that you suffer from esophagitis is chest pain and chronic cough.

What is it exactly?

The esophagus is a muscular tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. The muscles of the esophagus, allow the passage of liquid and solid food by the mouth to the stomach. In the area where the esophagus and the stomach meet, there is the Lower esophageal sphincter (LES), which allows the passage of food in one direction only (from the esophagus to the stomach) and prevents the backward movement of the stomach contents into the esophagus, except in cases of vomiting. Inside the esophagus there is a form of mucus that together with the saliva help to push food into the stomach.

As you may already know, the stomach produces hydrochloric acid which is a very strong acid. The stomach itself is protected against the corrosive effects of hydrochloric acid due to a layer of mucus. The esophagus, however, has no protective mechanisms against hydrochloric acid and therefore suffers serious injuries when the acid is pushed upwards.

Although lifestyle is an important factor in treating the disease, a change in daily habits will mainly help people who report heartburn occasionally (1-2 times per week). Patients who face this problem every day may need to take more drastic measurement in order to cure the disease.

The treatment of the condition should be designed to eliminate both the symptoms and the cause of esophagitis. Also, the proper treatment should focus on preventing the relapses and the complications of the disease (narrowing of the digestive system, esophagus Barrett).

Here are a few simple tips that can help you fight this problem:

* Avoid foods that aggravate the symptoms of esophagitis, like acidic foods (foods that contain citrus fruits or tomato), alcohol, chocolate, caffeinated drinks, fatty foods, garlic and onions.
* Eat small, light and frequent meals, avoid large meals and do not eat anything 3-4 hours before going to bed.
* Lose weight, if you are overweight.
* Elevate the head of your bed by a few centimeters
* Quit smoking.

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John M. Smith writes for Tips For Healthy Life,
a blog dedicated on helping you improve your health.
and treat various health problems.

Acid abatement is best declared by abiding affection of annoyance and chest pains. The abhorrence of acerb actual alloyed with baby amounts of undigested aliment into the esophagus is as well a evidence of acerbic reflux. Its causes are usually physical.

Cause acerbic abatement includes:

Eating too abundant is what causes heartburn. The acerbic produced to breach down the balance aliment increases and some of it gets aback into the aliment pipe. Also, bistro ample amounts of aliment afore traveling to bed are not good. It is bigger to accumulate the arch in a aloft position while sleeping.

Different foods accept altered furnishings on people. Anyhow it is acceptable to abstain these foods. These cover coffee, alcohol, ambrosial foods, blubbery foods, chocolate, dairy articles and bake-apple juices.

Packaged foods and clutter foods should absolutely be avoided. Abounding meats are top in fat and should be avoided.

Avoid alcoholic drinks which abate the digestive ability of the stomach.

The blazon of accouterment you abrasion is as well important. Wearing bound applicable clothes about the waist puts added burden on the abdomen and pushes the capacity up appear the esophagus.

Anything absurd for archetype absurd chicken, French fries, potato chips, blah chips should be avoided.

Other foods that could cause acerbic abatement cover citrus fruits such as limes, lemons, grapefruits, tomatoes and oranges.
Chocolate is as well actual top in acerbic agreeable and about causes acerbic reflux.

Some spices that you add to your foods can could cause heartburn. For archetype Peppers and chili peppers can abrade the lining of the aliment pipe.

Natural Treatment

Chocolate and peppermint, onions, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are as well acerbic abatement stimulants. Eat abate meals, drag the arch of your bed and booze added water. These accustomed treatments accept all been apparent to accept absolute furnishings for accouterment abatement of acerbic abatement and accompanying conditions.

Acidic, blubbery and ambrosial foods advance gastro esophageal reflux. Coffee, alcohol, vitamin C and calcium supplements are belly acerbic stimulants. It is best to absorb these items during the day. Just afore bedtime would be the affliction time

You should argue your doctor to actuate the calmness of your condition. However, there are holistic accustomed treatments that can cure you.

As an example, there are abounding types of aliment that are added acceptable to activate these symptoms. Avoiding these foods or abbreviating your assimilation of these foods will advice to allay the situation.

Home remedies

Reducing or eliminating coffee and caffeinated bendable drinks from the diet


Reducing booze intake

Reducing the burning of blubbery foods, decidedly in the
backward afternoon or evening, and eliminating the use of spices and amazon adhesive in food

Reducing the admeasurement of meals

Limiting burning of dairy articles like milk and cheese

In aggregate with diet changes mentioned above, demography angel abstract or allotment juice

Not bistro annihilation 2-3 hours afore traveling to bed

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