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Throat irritation is a common consequence of acid reflux or GERD. Getting pushed back into the esophagus from the stomach, the acid reaches up to the throat to cause acid reflux throat. Lung functions are impaired and respiratory disorders occur when the acid travels from the throat into the lungs. There may also be chest pain and sinusitis problems. The damage that the acid causes to the upper esophagus and the throat makes your swallowing painful. Relief from the acid reflux throat pain becomes necessary. There cannot be long term relief from the pain until the root cause of GERD is diagnosed and cured. The throat irritation is most pronounced in the morning. The reason is when we sleep at night; the esophagus gets the maximum scar from the acid leaving us with acid reflux throat in the morning. The ways to heal this pain must focus on containing the excessive secretion of acid in the stomach. It may take a long time to control the acid flow and heal the wound for relieving the patient of throat pain.


Keeping the upper body including the head elevated by raising the mattress or using a heartburn pillow provides relief from GERD throat by preventing the stomach acid from going into the esophagus when our body is in lying position. Dry throat is a condition that aggravates throat irritation especially when we breathe through our mouth during sleep. Using a room humidifier to maintain air moisture inside the room prevents dry throat when we sleep at night. In case of acute pain from acid reflux throat requiring immediate relief, lozenges and cough drops can be used. However they are not very reliable and prolonged use is not recommended.

Liquid Remedy

Drinking sufficient water by preventing excessive acid in the stomach helps to control acid reflux throat irritation. Saline gargle and tea with some honey also relieve the throat pain.

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 Acid reflux problem is a condition of the digestive system of human anatomy. Acid reflux can occur to young and old, irrespective of the age. Though all of us would have sometimes experienced symptoms of acid reflux, but frequent episodes of acid refluxes can ruin the life of a person by giving him sleepless nights.

Let us first understand what acid reflux is all about. The acid reflux disease is also known as Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). In this case, the stomach acids, often accompanied by the food can be thrown back into the food pipe causing a terrible burning sensation. This is known as heartburn, and is often followed by a severe chest pain which is similar to a heart attack. Frequent cases of acid reflux causes damage to the esophageal lining and can often lead to cancer of the esophagus.

Acid reflux is generally taken for granted for indigestion problems and often taking an antacid or an aerated drink causes immediate release of gas through burps. This may provide some relief from the acid reflux problem but is certainly not a cure for the disease.

Acid reflux problem occurs due to lifestyle problems and bad eating habits. Though medications may provide cure for the symptoms of the disease but the best way to avoid this problem is by natural treatments.

Treating Acid Reflux the Natural way

Natural treatment for acid reflux includes inculcating good food habits and changes in the way we lead our lives. This can be done by avoiding acidic foods from the diet, adopting healthier means of cooking and sticking to an exercise routine.

Healthy and nutritious diet plan can be great change and effective method of starting natural treatment for acid reflux problem. Healthy diet does not necessarily mean boiled meals but you can still have vegetables and meat grilled and baked using less fat and spices. Creativity and imagination is what is needed to make a simple meal healthier and tastier.

Sacrificing the ill habit of hitting the bed or lying down immediately after meals is also a cure for acid reflux problem. The meals should be taken at least 2-3 hours before sleeping. One can go out for slow walks after meal or indulge in playing with your pet instead of lying down. While sleeping, it is advisable to rest on your left side rather than your back. Also, raising the headboard of the bed to an inclined position also helps to control the acid reflux.

Though alcohol consumption and smoking do not generally cause acid reflux but they certainly aggravate the condition. Hence, these must be avoided. Also drinks containing caffeine i.e. coffee and tea must be avoided. Instead prepare yourself an herbal tea made from lavender, mint leaves and aniseed. These are known to prevent acid attacks and soothe the esophageal lining.

Herbs like ginger root, chicory root, and goldenseal are known to provide excellent relief from the symptoms of acid reflux. Apart from these, apple cider vinegar works well for some people. Fruits like pineapple, banana and apples are known to absorb the stomach acid and relax the acid reflux symptoms.

There are innumerable natural treatments available. These treatments are free from the harmful side effects of mediations. However, not all natural treatments can have the same effect on everyone. While apple cider vinegar may work for one person, it may not for the other person. So, one has to try out before deciding on the natural treatment that best suits you.

Stick to the Natural Treatment for Acid Reflux
Finding the best possible natural treatment is a long procedure and one needs to have certain amount of patience. Once you have found the natural solution to your acid reflux problem, stick to it. Though slow in action, the natural treatments have long term benefits to reap.

The normal tendency of us, human beings, is that the moment we reach the comfort zone, we forget the hardships that were taken to reach to the pinnacle. It may be still easier to control acid reflux problems with natural treatments but sticking to it after attaining a certain degree of comfort, is difficult. Hence, if you have seen the benefits of introducing positive changes in your food and living habits by natural means, then try to stick to the regimen.

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Diet forms a very important factor in determining the health of a person. Very true that what we eat is what we become. Our diet is the main deciding factor of our health. Hence, it becomes very important that we maintain a proper diet to remain healthy. Irritable bowel syndrome is something that depends mainly on the diet an individual takes. It can occur due to unhygienic diet or diet that is cooked in unhealthy oil. Same is the case with acid reflux that causes immense acidity in the person and again is a result of inappropriate diet. Getting rid of any of these issues requires one to exercise a proper control on the diet of a person.


Proper dietary control and intake of food at regular intervals of time is the best cure of the disease. Foods cooked in unhygienic conditions like the outdoor foods should be avoided. Also, proper care should be exercised in ensuring the adequate cooking conditions at home. Whenever you eat the food, it is advisable to wash your hands every time. Even though you use a spoon, you should wash your hands every time you eat. Proper care should be taken in the oil you use to cook the food. Amount of oil used while cooking should be limited to get a quick relief from the problem. Also care should be exercised in having the clean drinking water available for you. A good water purifier would help ensure that you have the safe drinking water available to you. Remember, germs can flow to your body in an easy manner through water. If water is not clean to drink, it might lead to so many germs entering the body. Ensure that you drink sufficient amounts of water to maintain the fluid level in the body to desired levels. You should make sure that you drink water in sufficient quantities all through the day. This will help in the fast IBS treatment and act as one of the acid reflux remedies. These simple things if taken care in the diet will ensure that you get the needed IBS treatment on time and act as one of the best acid flux remedies.

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