Does GERD cause coughing? What are the symptoms of GERD? What are my treatment options?
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Travis Stork and Dr Jorge Rodriguez look into the causes of Acid Reflux, otherwise known as heart burn. overproduction of acid can lead to pre-cancer conditi…
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17 Responses to Cough caused by ACID REFLUX?

  • Kimo Luma says:

    You can actually get rid of Heartburn acid reflux in 48 hrs and cure the
    real cause of Acid Reflux Heartburn completely.

  • Skylar Mayuex says:
  • 28janya22 says:

    Try Hajmola. Its an Ayurvedic digestive aid. Along with that you could try
    Triphala as well. Acid Reflux is caused not only by access acid buy lack of
    HCL and stomach acids. Most people of lack of stomach acids so they cannot
    digest their food. Probiotics and stomach enzyme supplements as well could
    help and all the usual recommendations – eat small meals, diet control etc.

  • HealthGoodForYou says:

    Hi guys, this is a real history and can change you life! i have a friend,
    she was desperately to get acid reflux cure, one day she told me that she
    found the solution…if this can help someone, go to my profile and click
    in the link: Acid reflux cure here

  • 13crypton says:

    i have gerd and i cant breath properly…very difficult to breath like ah
    asthma i hate this feeling huhuhu and sometyms im panic attack reason
    brething problem always burp burp burp up to my troath suckssss…god help
    me give me the best way to out of my life

  • sofia3122003 says:

    I’m coughing I’m only nine years old and I am really sick ‘-‘

  • Dont'hava Names says:

    I cant believe this. A popular girl named caroline carterett is super
    popular and annoying and i heard by caroline herself in pe that she has
    gerd. in my mind i was like what the crap, SHE gets a free disability pass
    and im stuck with aspergers and she just gets away with puking? on her own
    time rarely of course but still. People think shes good because she doent
    tell anybody. I dont tell anyone i have aspergers but im still
    “untouchable” and unaccepted in the community of normal kids. shallow.

  • xXNeoteonAngelsxX says:

    i have gerd..difficulty in breathing occurs..also coughing …also chest
    pain.. i consulted a doctor and she said i have acid reflux:(

  • Tomáš Studenič says:

    i have big problem with regurgitation sometimes cough but no hearburn soon
    i will undergo surgery i hope it will change my life for long)

  • ChrisSquareFan says:

    i still don’t understand how they diagnose that without something palpable,
    endoscopy might not show anything for example. I have it too, and I feel
    like coughing after every swallow, it’s so annoying, it’s taking the joy of
    eating away. What’s worst, my mouth became dry, possibly from medication. I
    wish I could replace my digestive system with a new one *sigh*

  • browneyedS says:

    Fucking coughing cannot makr me go to sleep

  • Abby Hernandez says:

    Im 22 years & I was diagnosed at 21, I went to doctor with omeprazole but
    made me worse nothing helps, my acid reflux has gone worse & I dont know
    what to do 🙁 I had an endoscopy but they only found inflammation, I can’t
    sleep that well cause of acid reflux, I get a bad taste in mouth in the
    middle of the night & every morning I vomit acid I can’t never get good
    sleep , I get really depressed bcuz I developed anxiety & panic attacks I
    was completely healthy before but at 21 I started to get sick & it has
    gotten a lot worse

  • Jean J. Norman says:

    You can eliminate Heartburn in 48 hours and get rid of the root cause of
    Gerd permanently.

  • hannah morre says:

    *Free Video Reveals 1 Unusual Tip To Quickly Cure Your Acid Reflux & Enjoy
    Permanent Freedom From Heartburn In 48 Hours – Guaranteed!*

  • SUNDAYLAW says:

    use betaine hcl and use brassica tea for 10 days 2xday if you have an ulcer
    or the symptoms of an ulcer.

  • bharat PRAJAPATI says:

    Thank u very much !!

  • allexx123 says:

    I had that little radio controlled PH thing attached to my esphagus years
    ago. Before that was invented was a tube down the nose into the area &
    monitored. Also the test of the tube down the nose where they give you sips
    of water to measure the pressure of the spincter & it was just fine, but
    still had & do have acid reflux for 20 years. Been on Prescription
    Omeprazole 20mg for 18 years, but 3 wks now been having problems pain &
    acid. Bet I have ulcer or worse now. Under care of MD.


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