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16 Responses to The Real Causes of Acid Reflux

  • Matt Uchiha says:

    I have acid reflux its haorrible the burning sensation

  • Kathy Spalding says:

    Acid reflux is definitely no picnic. Many of us need relief from this pain.
    Dr. Mercola always hands out awesome advise.

  • terrell dubose says:

    I had reflux for over 10 years went to a specialist took all the best drugs
    which worked after taking the drugs for a while I would get sick from the
    drugs. Tried colonics which are like super enemas and I started feeling
    better that told me what all the doctors didn’t I was full of poop. Try
    this It won’t hurt you increase your fiber in take so you poop more that
    should make you feel better. If it works for you eat less fried foods and
    more vegetables

  • Hope Brown says:

    good one!

  • elle241983 says:

    I’ve been experiencing acid reflux this week it feels horrible I dont eat
    fast food 75% of my diet is organic I eat 6 times a day my diet is based on
    protein fruits and vegables when I eat bread its Ezequiel bread.So what am
    I doing wrong?why do I have acid reflux I dont drink alcohol and drink
    about 96 oz of water a day,I exercise 4 days a week. I’ve always noticed
    that I am bloded or very gassy 3 out of 7 days a week.What am I doing wrong
    can someone tell me please! I weight 135lbs height 5’6

  • Kevin Patrick Palmer says:

    Hi Dr. Mercola. I have been on Omeprazole for over 2 months now. Last month
    i received an endoscopy and a biopsy was done. H. Pylori bacteria was not
    found. How accurate are these tests and are some better than others like a
    stool antogen test. I eat very well and alot of organic food. I wondered if
    acid reflux is caused by stress. I evacuated Japan after the tsunami and
    left everything. as i wean myself off ppi when should i start taking HCL?
    and how much? Im 34 years old. thank you

  • Mercola says:

    Please search the website as there are many articles that extensively
    detail the strategy to get off of the meds you are on. The foundation, as
    for most all diseases, is to stop all sugar, grains and processed foods and
    replace them with healthy foods. But the articles tell you how to wean off
    the meds

  • Mercola says:

    no it is one of the worst

  • Rita Adjekum says:

    Thanks for the video message

  • Andrea Lin says:

    Great video! I am 17 years old and i have horrible GERD. prescription pills
    and OTC medicines give me bad side effects. I wish i had a doctor like you.
    Thanks for the great info!

  • Mondoshawn says:

    True story, I have reflux and I went to the doctor and he found out I have
    a Hiatus hernia.

  • alex holdsworth says:

    Hello, iv been suffering from acid reflux for four years now. Im 27 years
    old and taking 60mg lansaprazole per day. Even though im taking this
    medication the burning sensations doesn’t go away completely. I don’t know
    what else to do, im worried it may be something serious like cancer. Could
    you please help me.

  • CWhiteRun says:

    There is a “leak down” test that will show if the LES is strong enough to
    function properly. A tube is ran down the esophagus through the nose (not
    comfortable) and a small amount of air is pumped in between where these
    valves reside. The differential between how much air is remaining in
    chamber versus the amount of air pumped in after a small time period shows
    which area is weak. I have had a weak valve for my entire life as well and
    full wrap nissen fundoplication rid me of all problems!

  • Besta Tonlistin says:

    But as a treatment for a week for swelling? I’ve taken two already now.. I
    don’t know what to do

  • ThePaleo Pescetarian says:

    When I stopped eating grains no more acid reflux. Too much meat also causes
    some. Eating meat with grains causes the worst acid reflux.

  • Michael Wu says:

    staying away from meds!


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